Sunday, 15 July 2012

My baby brother got married!

My baby brother has married a lovely girl!

It was a fantastic weekend with so much to celebrate and enjoy.

  • She, and her bridesmaids, looked stunning.  And so happy!
  • a special family gathering
    • catching up with people I've not seen for many years
    • enjoying meeting my new sister-in-law's family - they're lovely too!

...and knitting featured too...
  • I made a blanket for the happy couple as our wedding present
  • I wore a Clapotis wrap which I made myself for the occasion
  • I loved the feel of the Kid Classic yarn... mohair, lambswool (and nylon) felt so snuggly and soft next to my skin; perfect for a July wedding in Scotland!
  • a feeling of luxury, all the more special because it was my own work

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