Sunday, 17 June 2012

Too busy knitting to blog!

I had a brainwave on the way home from our anniversary holiday. Why not finish the silver/grey blanket squares into a wedding present for my brother? It could be a picnic blanket, throw or something to snuggle under in the evening on the patio. And it's more personal than something shop-bought.

A great idea... if I'd only thought of it earlier! I counted the completed squares when I got home: 7 (I'd hoped it was 9 or 10). But still do-able if I crack on.

So far (9 days later) I've completed 18 1/2 blocks out of the 20 needed, although I've still to unravel part of one to fix a weak spot. I've got about 3 weeks left, so all my "spare" time will be knitting, blocking, sewing and binding.

I'm enjoying the challenge, and I think it should look good when it's complete. My wrists might be happy when I finish the knitting part though...

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