Wednesday, 18 January 2012

2011 makes - part 2

Knits for the home
After all the baby blankets, I decided to make a grown-up version.  I started with 3 colourways of the same yarn (James C Brett Marble Chunky) and began knitting square blocks but then realised that they didn't all go together as well as I thought. So one blanket became 2, with the blue/grey/brown and brown squares making up the 1st blanket and the silver grey squares put aside for a 2nd.

The blue/brown/grey blanket is finished, and has been given to a friend as a house-warming/birthday/Christmas present. And it also has the most stylish Finished Object photo I've managed yet:

Cabled Blanket
5 blocks by 4, alternating colourways, with each block in both colourways.  I tried to get a balance between chunky cables and more "dainty" patterns, and very much enjoyed knitting the different squares.  I was pleased by how quickly they knitted up and surprised by how much less painful it was to sew together than I'd expected.
The edging was my first I-cord edging, which I tried with all number of stitches, but settled on 3 wide.  It also took a while to get the right tension for this, but I was fairly happy with it in the end.
Finished August 2011

The silver-grey blanket is still WIP.
I also bought some pink-purple yarn of the same type, thinking it might go well with the greys.  It doesn't, so I've started a 3rd blanket - this time based on Elizabeth Zimmerman's garter stitch blanket.  So far, 3 pieces have been finished, and the 4th is about 1/3 done.  Hopefully it'll be finished in 2012.
(and I'm still short of yarn, even after all the extra purchases... I need another grey and another pink/purple ball - at least!)

Ballband Dishcloth
a quick knit just for fun...
I love the Mason-Dixon knitting book, which has this design in it. Their knitting philosophy is lovely, and I just enjoy their attitude.
This cloth is being used in our kitchen, and brings a wee splash of colour to routine work.
Finished February 2011

Hexagon Washcloth

Also from the 1st Mason-Dixon book, and just for fun.
We're using this one as a potholder (and to catch the drips from my teapot when I'm pouring in the living room)
Finished February 2011

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