Thursday, 18 October 2012

Past presents and future

Christmas is on the way, and I enjoy making as many gifts as possible.  Partly because I think most of my friends and family have as many "things" as they want or need, and partly because I like the personal touch if I can get it right.

About 7 years ago I rediscovered knitting, which meant that 6 years ago I gave a few scarves as Christmas presents.  Since then I've experimented with baby/toddler jumpers, fingerless mitts, hats and more scarves... not to mention a few blankets for new babies, a house-warming and a wedding.

Two years ago I discovered making chutney, which seemed to go down well so I made more next year (and for one or two birthdays in between).  We made little boxes of edible treats, with things we hoped were a little unusual and that might be an alternative to more clutter around the house.

So my question now, as Christmas approaches, is what to plan for this year?  I'm looking for ideas which can be interesting (and quick!) to make, and fun to receive...  I'll keep you posted.

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