Sunday, 14 October 2012

Why skeins?

Today I spent some hours untangling a skein of a lovely lace-weight yarn which I'd previously helped my mum make into a tangled mess...  and it got me thinking - why?  Why are some yarns still supplied as skeins instead of pre-wound as balls?

It seems to be mainly the "nicer" yarns which are supplied in this form, so could it be that it adds to the sense of luxury?  I quite enjoyed the feeling of running the soft yarn through my fingers, and my first attempt at winding by hand was surprisingly satisfying.  Perhaps this gives us the opportunity to get to know the yarn before we use it: by handling the whole length I now know how it feels, that there aren't any knots, and can have some idea of how it could be put to best use.

I've got some Silk Blend upstairs waiting for me to brave winding it into a ball.  There's some Debbie Bliss Paloma keeping it company.  Now, maybe instead of waiting to decide how I want to use it I'll try winding at least some of it... the inspiration may flow.

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