Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Endless scarves...

The scarves continue to take up most of my time...  The Red Leafy Scarf feels as though it's getting close to completion at last, which is good since I could do with blocking it in the next few days if it's to be ready for Christmas.  I'm managing about 10-20 rows in a sitting at the moment, and there are 50 to go...

I took a break from the 4-ply to do some of Crocodile No. 3 at the weekend and while we were visiting A's parents (the red scarf is for my mother-in-law, so can't be worked on when I'm there!)  I'm making it the same length as the others by adding 32 rows in the straight section compared to the pattern.  When I made the first I ripped it back when I saw how it was turning out length-wise so that I could extend it.  They're still not over-long but hopefully a bit more cosy.

The Any Yarn Scarf is on hold at the moment - if I don't manage to complete it for Christmas it can be for my gran's birthday in January instead.  Or perhaps I'll finish it on the journey north...


  1. Oooh, the color red and a lacy scarf with leaves ... three of my favorite elements of knitting all in one!

  2. That scarf looks really pretty! And that crocodile is going to turn out super cute, I'm sure. Best of luck with your holiday knitting! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. The red scarf is GORGEOUS! I hope by the time you receive this comment, you find yourself ready to block it!