Thursday, 4 April 2013

Baby bunnies

I've found a lovely wee pattern which is ideal for small baby gifts... I've called it a Snuggly Bunny (the original design is Cuddly).

I've made three so far... the first was bright lime green:

...then a fab turquoise:

...and the most recent (Stash-buster project 10, 25g) was a companion to a baby kimono I made a couple of years ago, and has been given to welcome some friends' 2nd daughter:

They've all been made with cotton yarns from my stash (even before I started the stash-buster challenge) and I'm so pleased with the effect.  The face is always a bit of a challenge to get right though!

I've made some small mods to the pattern to try to make the head a bit easier to shape but otherwise it's been perfect.  I like that the head is stuffed with a small bundle of leftover yarn so that there's no white stuffing peeking through any gaps, and of course I'm always happy not to have any seams to sew up!

The pattern can be made in an evening or so; perfect for when I want to make a smaller, personal gift.


  1. OOOh Lorna they are fab! Look like something even I could knit! Great idea. Kimono looks cool too.
    Ali x

    1. Thanks :o) I really like these, and I'm trying to think up new variations. I think I might have a go at a bobble for the nose next time...
      The kimono is from the first Mason-Dixon book - another favourite!

  2. They look fab and a great way to use up stash yarn :)

  3. So cute Lorna, love them. :)

  4. Hello Lorna, I love bunnies an I think your bunny pattern looks very cuddly with very pretty colors. Hugs Judy

  5. The bunny is sweet. What a lovely addition to the baby kimono.

  6. Such a sweet little baby gift. Best wishes, Tammy