Saturday, 20 April 2013

Can anyone help inspire me?

I made quite a good start to my stash-busting efforts for 2013, but now I've reached a bit of a dead end.  I still have a fair amount of yarn... but it doesn't seem to go together to make something I can complete and either give or use.

I need help!

Looking at the yarns I have in bigger quantities, there is:

  • one more skein (100g) of the Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend.  The first skein was made into a scarf, so I'm looking for something different to do with this

  • 6 balls of a moss-green cotton (300g, approx. 780m), which was bought for a now-frogged cardigan.

  • 3 balls of a medium-weight sock yarn (300g, 1170m), which was bought for a lightweight blanket which I'm no longer sure would work... I probably want to keep one or two balls for a blanket and add some contrasting yarn to make it more interesting.  The colours in the yarn are close to those I often wear.

  • various baby dk yarns, mainly acrylic and shades of cream, pastel blue and green
  • and I've inherited 10 balls of Patons Diploma Gold dk in a nice blue-green shade (just under 1200m) which I'm not sure how to use. 

I've realised I'm probably a process knitter, but I do still want to make something useful or which can be given and appreciated...  
  • I'd quite like a more interesting project, to balance some of the garter stitch knits I've been making recently.
  • I'm going to a family wedding in August which could be an opportunity for a wrap or shrug, but I don't know what colour my outfit will be yet.
  • I'm going to be an aunt for the first time later this year - I gave my brother and his wife a blanket when they were married so I've been thinking about making a similar idea for the baby...
  • I always seem to know a few people expecting babies these days - some of them may appreciate small knitted pressies.
  • I like scarves but find them a bit frustrating towards the end.  I've probably knitted as many cowls as I need for now; that feels a bit more of an autumn/winterish knit than a spring project.
  • I've been admiring a few shawl patterns although I'm not sure how/if I'd wear one myself.  Can I find something interesting to knit which could be worn wrapped around my neck instead?
  • I don't enjoy sewing in loose ends or doing lots of seams.
  • We have a short holiday coming up so something portable would be nice for that.

I'll keep searching but any suggestions will be very welcome!


  1. Oooh that manos yarn is just delicious - if you can't find a project for it in the end I'll gladly take it off your hands ;) hehehe

    About shawls....well, I am a huge shawl fan and there are a lot of wonderful patterns out there that are perfect worn traditionally or around your neck. In winter I'm rarely seen without a triangle shawl wrapped around my neck.

    Good luck with the pattern hunting and let us know what you decide on doing :) xx

    1. The Manos yarn is lovely - I'm just not sure what to do with the 2nd skein... It's too good to waste :)

      And there's no lack of good designs - I guess I'm just wary of knitting something I don't want to wear at the end. I do like a triangle scarf so I'll keep looking.

      Thanks for the support :o)

  2. Sounds like you have lots of idea's yourself, are you looking for crochet or knit. I find it's better to focus on one thing at a time choose one lot of wool and find a pattern that would work. have a look at the stash-buster link party links, see if there's anything there, look at my projects and idea's thread, have a look on pinterest and ravelry there's loads of inspiration there, good luck!

    1. Thanks :o)

      I'm probably looking for a knitting project, but I'm open to other ideas and could do with practising some crochet. Maybe I'll do some washcloths to learn some new stitches.

      Lots of ideas... but not so much that's grabbing my interest. I think it's a spring slump!