Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Against my better judgement...

I have 3 active projects at the moment, and one which I ripped out yesterday.  All of them are scarves.  Looking back at my recent makes I've also made 4 circular moebius scarves and a Clapotis wrap since the start of the year.

So my question is... why do I keep making scarves?  When I first cast on for a new scarf I'm full of enthusiasm, but I know that long before the end I'll have grown to resent the thing: its nagging, unfinished presence and the repetitive rows which are the same as the previous 100 and the 100 still to come.  I know that I'll put it down "just while I do this quick knit" only to find it abandoned months later, when I realise I've left it too late for the gift deadline I had in mind.

Even the Teddy's Scarf I knitted for our young godson's birthday was tiring by the end.  (Surely it's long enough by now!)

And yet, I love the finished result.  And I press on with the thought that a gifted scarf might keep the recipient feeling warm and cosy - a lasting hug.

So here are my current projects:
These were wonderfully quick to knit up, thanks to chunky yarn and a pattern that can be knitted without having to watch every stitch.  I even made the crocs a bit longer than the design.
They're both nearly finished now - only the eyes and nostrils to add.  I think they're going to be so cute!
I started this back in June and made great progress until I put it down for a short while... I've restarted it within the last week or so.  It won't be finished in time for a November birthday, but maybe Christmas; just don't ask which year... it was originally planned for 2011!

This is my first entry for WIP Wednesday.  There are loads more projects to see at Tami's Amis

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