Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Capturing the creativity (or not!)

Still knitting the scarves...

and pleased that I'm making some progress.  I've started on the 2nd half of the Red Leafy Scarf, which means I'm on the lace part again (concentration required!) and I think I'm over half-way on the Any Yarn Scarf.  I'm not sure how long to make it yet, but I guess the straight part will be somewhere between a third and half of the total length.  So far so good anyway.

But my musing this week is around how to get good pictures of my projects...  I took this photo with an iPhone4, which has sometimes given me spectacular photos and sometimes just doesn't know how to focus. And on other projects it's worked well, but for these two I don't think I've managed a sharp image yet.  I've tried different backdrops and different flash conditions or focal points, but I can't get a clear picture to show the stitch pattern.  It's a shame, because the enjoyment of these scarves is partly in the detail of the patterns.

I don't have a "proper" camera to play with (maybe I should ask Santa!) but I've had success with my phone before.  So I've got some ideas to try...
- wait for daylight (weekends only at the moment, and sometimes not even then!)
- try creating a plain backdrop with a sheet of material to give a clear contrast
- wait until the scarves are finished and blocked so the definition is more obvious
- borrow my husband's camera so I can put it on a small tripod (I'm not always confident I've kept the phone steady)
- spend more time browsing other blogs to see what clever tricks other people have used
- I'd like to be able to get a good close-up as well... 

I'll just have to keep practising.

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  1. When I started blogging, I actually went out and got a camera with a lens that would do close ups so I could show off my stitches. And I didn't really care what kind of camera I had before!