Wednesday, 21 November 2012

What's the attraction?

I'm still knitting the scarves and enjoying their growth:

I've been alternating between them, partly so that one of the recipients doesn't see her present before Christmas, and partly for the change in texture and pattern.  I think the Red Leafy Scarf's getting towards the half-way point now, which means I get to start on the lace part again, and I've decided to do a straight section on the Any Yarn Scarf so that it won't be triangular after all - more of a trapezium.
So there's beginning to be a sense of achievement.

I took a short break on Saturday for a quick knit in the car that I'll post about after Christmas, which got me thinking... how do I choose my projects?

Variety - I like to change the routine a bit while I'm knitting, so I often have more than one active project which use different types of yarn or stitch so that I can switch when I get bored with the project in hand.
Challenge - I enjoy learning new techniques, so I'm attracted to projects which use methods I've not tried before.  The (as yet unfinished) Snug was a good example of this - an almost seamless design for a baby jacket, knit for a baby expected just after Christmas (it'll be finished once I know if Baby is a he or a she...)
Mindlessness - if I'm travelling then I quite like to knit to keep my hands occupied while I'm looking out at the passing countryside.  So a project which doesn't need me to watch every stitch is great to have with me.  The Any Yarn Scarf is almost one of these, in that the increase section is garter stitch.  Anything fiddly just won't do though.
Design - I'm drawn to elegant designs, such as the Baby Surprise Jacket or Clapotis scarf, where I can marvel at the designer's skill in creating something beautiful in a clever way.  This is a big part of my addiction to Möbius cowls too.

Most of my projects have been gifts, although this year I've made slightly more for myself.  While I'll always look for something which suits the recipient, I'll also be sure to choose something that I'll enjoy making.  Then  hopefully the gift can give pleasure twice - as it's made and once it's been given.


  1. It has to appeal to me visually. Then it has to appeal to me with technique, design elements. I like to have more than one piece going, but usually I finish one piece at a time. Sometimes I will start a new project if I have a car ride or confined event I want to knit during. As long as I have something to knit on, it's all good! Love the red scarf!

  2. Thanks! I'm so looking forward to reaching the half-way mark - it can't be too far now ;o)