Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Switch it off!

After posting last week about the frustration of never-ending scarves, this week I've been enjoying some of their repetitiveness.

I cast on for an Any Yarn Scarf for Grandma, using 4-ply sock-yarn, and spent some time on that this evening.  I've reached the stage where I don't need the pattern any more, which feels good: I like being able to read the rows to know where I am and what comes next.

I've also picked the red leafy scarf back up and made some progress last night while chatting with friends.  It doesn't need to be long enough to wrap around a neck, so it shouldn't be too long until I can start on the second half.

In both cases I've been enjoying the repetitive nature of their fairly short rows and simple lace stitches combined with plain knitting. This is something I've often read about but not experienced so much myself; normally I look for the challenge of a new technique, or I'm knitting to a gift deadline.  And knowing that I can switch between projects when one becomes too repetitive lifts the sense of there being no end in sight.

But perhaps the real difference has been knitting while chatting rather than with the tv on for "entertainment".  So maybe the moral of the story is... Switch it off!

I'm a little late for WIP Wednesday, but there you go... too busy knitting I guess ;o)

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