Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Back on the needles

I had a few days' break from knitting over Christmas while we were visiting family and friends, so I'm happy to have something new on the needles.

I'm knitting a 2nd Snuggly for a newborn (not sure who yet though)... the first was a lovely quick knit and I'm pleased to be able to use up some of my stash while making something which is fun.  I'm using a bright cotton yarn which was left over from a baby blanket.

It's put together as 2 separate triangles which I grafted together last time, and a head added in the middle with a couple of floppy ears.  The first one was a bit odd while I was making it, but really cute once it was finished:

And we've also had some good news!  Our friends' baby boy has finally arrived, on his big brother's 2nd birthday, so I can finally complete the Snug Baby Jacket I've been making.  It's a chunky duffle coat which been waiting until I knew if baby was a boy or a girl... now I just need to sew in the loose ends and add some toggles to fasten with.

The design is almost seamless (although sadly not invisibly joined since I got it slightly wrong... no-one else will spot that though!) and I chose it as an alternative to the BSJ.  I did enjoy the technique, but perhaps not the endless garter stitch at the beginning.

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