Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Simple pleasures...

There's less to report this week... I've been taking a bit of a break from knitting to do some other things.  But I've managed to sew in the many loose ends in the Snug Baby Jacket which means it's ready for adding the toggles and loops (pictures on Friday I hope!).

I've also found a few minutes to add to the Snuggly Bunny.  I've tried to leave a long tail when I finished the first half, so that I can do the 3-needle cast-off to join without needing to break the main yarn.  I was planning to go for an invisible graft between the two halves, but the Snug jacket has reminded me that I prefer not to have loose ends to sew back in.  This way, I should be able to just keep knitting to make the head without breaking and joining back in...

...which got me thinking a bit about what I enjoy about this quick project and some of the others I've completed recently:
  1. Pulling the yarn from the centre of the ball.  I only "worked out" how to do this recently, but it's so much better!  No more yarn running across the floor, or around the car.
  2. Garter stitch with simple shaping.  Great for mindless knitting while talking to friends or watching tv, but occasional increases or decreases provide a more satisfying level of interest.  Actually, stocking stitch is similar, but I do like the way garter stitch doesn't curl at the edges.
  3. Happy colours.  The Snuggly Bunnies have been made with brightly coloured cotton dk yarn and they're so cheerful.  Great for a winter's evening
  4. Small knits.  Portable, and with a finished result to enjoy quickly.
  5. Knitting with friends.  I meet with 3 friends regularly as a prayer group;  two of us knit (the other 2 can, but choose not to!)  I enjoy sharing ideas and watching each other's work grow as we chat; we've learned a lot from each other.
  6. "Seamless" knits.  I do like patterns where I can avoid having lots of seams to sew, or loose ends to tie in.  Classic designs like the Baby Surprise Jacket, or a mitred-square blanket are fantastic (so long as I remember to weave the ends in as I go).
  7. The personal touch.  I like that this bunny will be a unique present for a friend; it won't take very long to make, but will hopefully have more meaning because it's just for them.


  1. Oooh almost done! I'll check back Friday to see if you have a FO!

  2. I totally agree with all of your points! I especially love center pull yarn when I'm commuting. There is nothing quite as unpleasant as a ball of yarn rolling along a subway platform.