Monday, 21 January 2013


So far in the stash-busting endeavour I've completed one project - the Snuggly Bunny (30g) - and  I've got one WIP (a BSJ).  So my mind is turning to what to make with the rest of the stash.  Ideally, I want my next project to be something slightly more challenging than the garter stitch BSJ (much as I love that design).

I've been browsing Ravelry, and have some ideas for what to make with the Manos Silk Blend.  I've got 2 skeins and have wound one of them into a ball to try to get a feel for it.  I can't say that's helped me as much as I hoped... but I think this yarn wants to be a scarf/shawl for myself.  I probably wouldn't wear it as a shawl, but a shallow triangle wrapped round my neck would work well with jeans or when it's chilly at work.  If there's some left over then I'll make some fingerless mitts to match.

At the moment the Chinook Scarf seems to be winning, although a small Boneyard Shawl or a Springtime Bandit scarf also look interesting... or maybe a Stockholm Scarf...  I want to decide fairly soon though - right now I seem to have stalled on choosing the "right" pattern; but that's probably why it's still in the stash in the first place!  This is my first time knitting with a silk yarn so I need to learn not to be so precious and just cast on.

In other plans... I think some of the Debbie Bliss Paloma might become a slouchy hat, but this time I've got 4 skeins to play with so I don't want to end up with too little for anything else...  oh the decisions!

And for the dreaded dk acrylics, I spotted a crocheted granny square sampler idea in Linda's Crafty Corner blog, which has got me thinking.  I'm not sure if I've got the patience to do that properly, but it's worth a thought.

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